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160% - 168% Total Profit for each plan
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About Us

What Is Safe-Income.life

Safe-Income.life is an international developing company majoring in advancing of startup companies. We have gathered the team of professionals who base all their ideas on many years of experience and impeccable knowledge of the market. Every startup company that we choose to buy is thoroughly analyzed by the team of Safe-Income.life by lots of parameters and only after that we make a decision to buy and improve it. All this process requires good deal of time as well as intellectual and financial investments. In order to do this work, our team consists of managers, analysts, researchers, sellers and support service staff that provide support to our investors.

How it works?

The work of Safe-Income.life involves high level of responsibility and competence. What we do is called crowd funding. We analyze the market of startup companies, choose the most prospective ones and buy them with the help of our individual investors who pool their funds together in order to buy a startup company.

Finding a co-investor is quite a complicated issue. Therefore our work is to find investors, organize their funds together as well as our own funds and to buy startup companies that will bring them and us big profits after we improve them and sell to other groups of investors for a higher price.

Another way to make good profit is to put those companies up for business auctions. The higher bet wins and we get great profits. We buy and improve startup companies, particularly those associated with new technologies. The startup companies we choose are the technological ventures designed for high-growth and they can produce huge returns to their owners (in our case to our team and our investors). This kind of owning a business is called share ownership and a good example of such company is Google which creators are now billionaires due to their shares in the business.

Why Us

Finding a good and promising startup company is a complicated challenge. Not any new company is a startup one. They are those that are technology-oriented and develop extremely rapidly bringing huge profits to their investors. Financing of startups is always prone to high risk. And the more hopes there are to receive profits, the higher are the profits, the higher is the probability of a fiasco in these startups.

Yet with the right management and a well thought out business strategy all the possible risks can be avoided. In order to make the final decision regarding investing into one project or the other it is necessary to have an idea about the niche of the business where this startup will be functioning in. It is necessary not only to calculate the financial profits, but also the probability of losing money. Any sphere of business is filled with fresh projects that need financial support but are they all that safe, profitable and financially productive?

According to the world statistics only around 45% of startups are successful and find themselves to be useful, reach the breakeven point and start bringing profits in the future. The rest of 55% lose their potential within the first weeks or months of development, and in the end fold, often ending for the investor with fairly large monetary losses. The study of world and local business tendencies, the ability to distinguish the key features of the project, the accurate calculation of effectiveness of its work and the forecast of the expected profits is what distinguishes Safe-Income.life from a multitude of similar offers in the market of financial investing. Having many years of independent launching, development and sales of successful businesses we state that we carry the full responsibility for the funds of our clients. Working with us you will be guaranteed to receive full support from us and the fulfillment of the obligations we have taken up. You will always be confident in receiving dividends from your investments.

It is possible that Safe-Income.life will not be able to teach you to lead proper investing, but we are ready to do that for you. Trusting us you can be sure in the income because our projecs have been carefully selected, and we are responsible for every one of them.

Our Mission

We have thought out and created Safe-Income.life company as an intermediary between talented creators and professional investors. With time we have realized that we do a lot more than simple financing for profits. We are building the business of the future, the majority of our projects due to investments eased people's lives or made their lives more interesting and full of bright colors. The startups that we have found turned out to be so successful that even today they are bringing in continuously growing profits and their potential hasn't been fully tapped yet. Safe-Income.life knows how to get money from the implementation of simple ideas up to the management of complex business processes.

Our vision

Safe-Income.life is keeping to the idea that any person or a group of people can create a business from scratch just from an idea. We sincerely believe that the future belongs to such types of startups that bravely challenge large corporations. Together with them we are ready to change the world and change ourselves. In the search of projects we rely on future potential and the need of implementing the idea into life, as well as the financial profit that we can receive from it. And we are rarely wrong.

our values

Safe-Income.life is, first of all, a community of people that are united by the idea of a search and development of a profitable business in the sphere of economics. Our biggest value is people's trust while the financial streams from these people are the main drives behind the business. We are responsible for every dollar that our clients trust us with. Starting from very little we are able to achieve a lot. Our value is also the team of Safe-Income.life that is continually working in the sphere of search and analysis of startups, works on the resolution of routine problems, participates in marketing and sociological research, learns how to work itself and teaches other people, is responsible for communication with clients and provides payments of all warranty obligations to its investors. Finally, among our values there are talented and gifted idea generators, people with non-standard thinking who are able to develop an idea for business from a simple idea, and then defend the need to implement it startups all over the world that we find and that find us themselves. These three components are the unfailing foundation of Safe-Income.life.

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